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High Visibility Clothing

Employers are required to provide high-visibility clothing to employees that may be exposed to safety risks in the workplace under the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. High-visibility clothing is highly reflective and bright to ensure your employees can be seen at all times, especially in darkness and in low-light conditions.

There are different types of high-visibility clothing, including waistcoats, jackets, armbands, trousers, shirts and sweatshirts, and they are widely used in construction sites, warehouses and factories. The clothing used should be determined by job role, weather conditions and lighting.

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high visibility clothing

High-visibility clothing will also prevent workers from being exposed to other hazards such as chemicals, static electricity and lacerations. There are certain jobs that may only require a waistcoat, but it is advised that employees operating in an area with large, moving vehicles or within maintenance - such as civil engineers and traffic police - opt for a full body suit to maximise visibility. Any clothes provided should be suitable for job at hand, comfortable for the wearer and be compatible with other forms of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Let us take a closer look at some of the stand out hi-vis clothing for workers Safetyshop offers.

Buying Guide

The 100 per cent polyester Long Sleeve Hi-Visibility Waistcoat is among our most popular products, featuring reflective hoops on the sleeves and body and Velcro fastenings for use in all weather conditions. It is just one of the many affordable waistcoats offered by Safetyshop.

For a more fully-featured clothing option, try our High Visibility 4-in-1 Jacket, which includes a zip out reversible body warmer. This jacket complies with several hi-vis clothing specifications and regulations and can be customised with logos, branding and text. It can also be used in conjunction with our High Visibility Over Trousers for a complete outfit.


Q: Is there any high visibility clothing specifically for protection against fire?

A: Yes, SafetyShop has a number of options for workers that are exposed to fire hazards, including a High Visibility Fire Officer Armband and Fire Retardant High Visibility Jacket that meets EN 533 standards and features Class 3 reflective material for the best visibility in all conditions.

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