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Photoluminescent First Aid Signs

First aid boxes and equipment should always be clearly marked in the work place. In the event of an emergency, the first aiders – and other staff members – need to be able to reach them quickly and easily.

However, sometimes just placing the signs is not enough. If there is an emergency that causes the lights to go out, there also needs to be a way for staff to find the equipment that they need in the dark. Photoluminescent first aid signs are the solution, guiding staff to the right place and helping to save a lot of time in an emergency.

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The photoluminescent first aid signs are very important. Workplaces that are lucky enough to be equipped with automated external defibrillators need to have these clearly marked, particularly as most workplaces will only have one. The signs have been created from eco-friendly polyester film and are compliant to ISO standards. Standard first aid photoluminescent signs should be placed everywhere in the building where first aid supplies are located. There are also signs for eyewash stations, which are common in laboratories and industries where it is possible that a person might get something in the eye. The eyewash stations are usually located close to the standard first aid boxes and the signs should be close by. Again, signs that light up in the dark are useful in case the lights are not working for any reason. The signage appears to have a standard finish in the daylight but will glow in the dark.