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Exterior Cable Protectors

Safetyshop has many cable protectors available, but if you’re looking for cable protectors that are suitable for use outdoors, then you’re in the right place.

Our range of heavy duty exterior cable protectors can withstand heavy and prolonged use, and are specifically designed and constructed to withstand not just inclement weather but also the wear and tear that is bound to occur in situations where vehicles are driving over them. If you’re looking for exterior cable protectors, then hopefully you should find what you need here, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any further help. 

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One situation in which cable protectors are needed is during temporary traffic signals or road works, when electrical cables are likely to be lying in the road. In order to avoid accidents, and to protect the cables from the elements, it would be wise to invest in our Heavy Duty Cable/Hose Protector, which was designed with this in mind. The protector conforms to BS.476 part 7, class 3 regulations and is UV stabilised to make it suitable for extended periods of use. For larger hoses, we would recommend the Hose Protection Ramp, which would be great for use in garages, construction sites and fire stations. It is a twin channel hose ramp, with extra grip, and can sustain up to 44 tonnes of a moving vehicle. This product is easy to add to and customise with linkable units for ease of use.