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Fire Exit Signs

Under the provisions of the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) regulations of 1996, all working environments must display clear signage warning people of potential risks and protecting them against danger. All hazardous areas have to be clearly labelled as such to keep all your staff and visitors safe.

Amongst the obligatory signage included in the regulations are Fire Exit signs. People in your premises need to be able to see clearly and quickly where the exit routes to safety are from your building in the event of a fire or fire threat.

SafetyShop.com is the UK’s premier safety sign manufacturer and we stock nearly 100 different designs and sizes of Fire Exit sign, including those giving instructions to keep fire exits clear. Let’s move on to a quick sample of the many different signs we have on offer. We’re confident with a range as versatile as this, you’ll find the ones most suited to your requirements.

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The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 specify that fire escape signs must display the word “EXIT” (or an immediately recognisable equivalent word) in large, well-lit green letters. Alternatively, or in addition, these signs may depict the familiar green ‘running man’ exiting through an open doorway pictorial adopted in Japan from 1980 onwards.

With these minimum requirements understood, here are some of the options we offer at SafetyShop.com.

Horizontal rectangular signs can be positioned wherever they’re required and come in a variety of heights and widths. They alert staff to the location of fire exits while simultaneously reminding them to keep the route unobstructed at all times.

We offer a whole raft of fire exit signs and we strongly recommend that you check out our range of photoluminescent fire exit signs, which glow in the dark.

Browse through our Fire Exit Signs assortment and chose the signs that are most suitable for your premises.


My premises are large and I have several fire escapes – do you offer multipack versions of your fire exit signs?

Yes, we do. For example, we offer 6-Pack Nite-Glo Fire Exit Man Running Left Signs and 6-Pack Nite-Glo Fire Exit Man Running Right Signs made of either rigid plastic or polyester. While not as luminescent as the Xtra-Glo signs, they deliver over six hours of afterglow after they’ve been activated by a light source.