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Face Protection Signs

In any workplace, it is important for staff and visitors to know what type of PPE they should be wearing in which parts of the building. For example, in a laboratory where there is a risk of fumes, then face protection should be worn, but making sure that everyone knows can be difficult.

 Protection signs can mark each area and make it clear which PPE is needed. There is a whole range of face protection that is available to staff and visitors, and face protection signs can be used to clarify. For example, face shields could be needed if there is a danger of splashing.

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Some signs will simply say that face protection is needed. It would then be up to staff members to ensure that everyone in that area is issued with the correct face protection. There is also a choice of sign types. Self-adhesive signs are ideal for marking doors to different areas as they can simply be peeled from the backing and applied to the door, while plastic signs can be bolted to the wall.

 Double-sided signs are useful if they need to be hung from the ceiling – the message is clear and can be viewed from more than one angle. Face protection signs that feature the ‘Stop’ signs are ideal for getting the message across that no one beyond that point should be without the correct PPE. Remember that face protection can help to protect from splashes of products as well as fumes and should be an essential part of PPE.