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Parking Restriction Signs

Parking restriction signs are used to keep traffic moving and to instruct and inform drivers about actions they must take or warnings they should heed regarding parking. They help to enforce parking policy and provide information about restricted access using pictograms and text.

If you need signs that clearly define the rules of either a few parking spaces or an entire car park, check out Safetyshop’s wide selection of parking restriction signs made from weather-resistant materials. They are part of our range of road traffic signs that help control traffic, making them especially useful in busy areas.

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parking restriction signs

Parking restriction signs offer a range of benefits, including improved safety for drivers and pedestrians, and better access to workplaces for employees, delivery drivers and emergency services.

Buying Guide

Among our most popular products at Safetyshop are our Restricted Access Parking Signs, which provide clear instructions regarding parking policy. These signs feature white text on a red background and should be displayed prominently to assist in the control of nuisance parking.

We also have a plethora of options with the ‘no waiting’ symbol - a red circle, blue background and red diagonal line.

This symbol designates the fact that no parking is allowed in a particular area. Options include additional text such as ‘tow away zone’ and ‘no parking beyond this point’, which you can select to suit your requirements.

There are also car park towing signs that help to clearly define the towing policy for a particular site. Again, there are extensive options, with instructions and warnings about illegal vehicles, zones and the risks involved in parking there. We also have Left Arrow and Right Arrow signs for restricted parking access if you want to provide simple, clear directions to drivers.

Promoting responsible parking is of paramount importance if constant access to particular areas or routes is required. For more information about traffic control signs and how using them can help you to regulate parking, get in touch with Safetyshop.