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When you’ve invested a lot in your business, you’ll do anything to keep it safe. That’s why having the right security equipment is so important. Whether you’re thinking about physical security, detection and surveillance equipment, identification and records equipment or personal security gear for you and your staff, you’ll find it all here.

Getting security right can be a challenge but browsing through these products will help you understand your options. Technology is advancing quickly in this highly competitive field but some security solutions are very simple and all you need is a padlock or even a sign. The important thing is to think through the ways in which your premises are vulnerable – something that differs from one workplace to another – and work from there. Thieves are usually looking for easy targets so if you choose good quality security equipment and use it intelligently, your risk of becoming a target can be significantly lowered.

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Good workplace security starts with the small things. That’s why we have everything from ID tags, wristbands and lanyards to in/out boards that help you keep track of who is where. Metal detectors can help you reduce the risk of anyone bringing weapons onto the premises and hand-held ones can be moved around the body so you don’t need to worry about them being set off by things like steel-toed work boots.

Simple devices like door closers can increase your security by reducing the opportunities available to thieves. If you’ve secured your doors, applying a simple film to your windows can make it much harder for anybody to break in that way.

For those on a tight budget, it can be enough to give the impression of good security, so decoy cameras can be a good buy. If you want real surveillance equipment, we have a range of different systems for recording information and monitoring it live, from within your premises or remotely.

Sometimes it’s not access to your premises that’s the concern, but what people do when they get there. Simple barriers and security ropes can discourage visitors from going into off-limits areas. You’ll also find a range of different safes that you can use as the last line of defence for your most important items.


Where can I get advice on security?

Your local police service can send a crime prevention team to visit you. They will look around your premises, identify potential risks and help you work out the best ways to make your organisation safer.

Can investing in security equipment lower my insurance premiums?

In many cases improving your security will result in an insurance saving but different companies have different ideas about what sort of protections they want to see. You can always call your insurer to discuss this before you buy.

Could I be sued over security devices?

If you are using any legal security device that could place an intruder at risk of bodily harm you can usually protect yourself from lawsuits by putting up a clearly visible sign to warn people about it. You should also use a sign like this if you are using CCTV.