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Multi Message Signs

Signage is vital, not only for complying with health and safety regulations but also for reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace. Accidents can result in staff having to take time off work, which in turn results in reduced productivity and additional costs to a business. Many workplaces, from warehouses to construction sites have areas that are potentially hazardous and it is important that the workforce and any visitors to the site or any members of the public who may come onto the site are aware of where these areas are. 

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Warning Noise Level of 80Db(A) Multi-Message Signs are ideal for areas or situations in which more than one safety message is required. Noise levels above a certain level can lead to long-term hearing loss if ear protection is not worn. These signs not only warn individuals that the area is noisy, but also that ear protectors must be worn. The advantage of having more than one message on a sign is that it saves wall space and ensures that employees are fully informed of the danger and what they need to do to protect their own safety. The signs conform to BS 5499 and can be positioned wherever they are required within the workplace. Caution Plant Room Multi-Message Signs carry three messages: Caution Plant Room, Door To Be Kept Locked, and No Admittance, Authorised Personnel Only. The signs can be positioned around the workplace as required.