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Flammable Signs

Warning employees and visitors of hazards on your premises is an essential part of current health and safety legislation.

Flammable substances and gases are particularly dangerous and warnings against smoking and naked flames are vital to prevent accidents.

Complying with all health and safety legislation can see like a hard task, but our advice is not to waste time worrying about it. Instead, carry out a risk assessment to identify all areas where flammable substances are stored and then place your order for flammable warning signs from Safetyshop

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Safetyshop has an extensive list of flammable warning signs, all containing a yellow warning triangle with the black flame pictogram. Some contain more specific information about the hazard. Signs can be ordered in a variety of sizes or materials to suit your circumstances. If the hazard you need to warn about is explosive as well as flammable, you may need to use the flammable warning signs in conjunction with one of our gas and explosive warning signs.

At Safetyshop, we want to ensure that your premises are as safe as possible. If you are not sure exactly which flammable warning sign is best suited to the hazard, please give us a call. We will be happy to guide you towards the best product or discuss creating a custom-made sign with you. Make that call today and take the first step in protecting your employees from the dangers of flammable substances.