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Easy to spot from a distance and simplistic in their design, blue and white instructional signs are commonplace across a variety of sectors, including commercial, health, education, construction and industrial. The signs’ presence alerts workers and site visitors to hazards, instructions that must be followed and information pertaining to key areas of the environment. Workplaces covered by the Health and Safety Act are required to use such signage by law; not only are they compliant, they communicate messages quickly and efficiently, and without the need for translation or explanation.

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If you work on a construction site or within an industrial setting, you’ll understand just how important it is to be able to communicate safety messages quickly and concisely. Visitors to your site need to know about areas that are off limits and points at which they need to take extra care, and blue and white ‘keep’ signs can say so much. Signs that instruct ‘keep locked’, ‘keep site entrance clear’, ‘keep this area clear’, ‘keep gates closed’ and ‘keep off the scaffolding’ are no doubt commonplace at your place of work – or should be. Other more general signs, including ‘keep clear’, ‘keep this door closed’, ‘keep out’ and ‘keep off’ may also be used in and around your workplace, and you’ll almost certainly have seen them all before. SafetyShop also stocks a sign instructing drivers to ‘keep clear for emergency vehicles’, which may be used at hospitals or clinics, or at care and residential homes.

All of these signs are easily seen, instantly recognisable and hard to ignore. Ensuring you use these signs in the correct manner will assist your workplace as it strives to remain a safe and secure environment for all who work there or visit, on a daily basis.

All of our blue and white ‘keep’ signs conform to the latest British Standards and are designed with health and safety in mind. As you browse our site, please familiarise yourself with the kinds of sign of offer, and ensure that your workplace is adhering to health and safety guidelines and the law. Our customer service team is happy to discuss issues pertaining to health and safety, and the products we stock, if you require any further assistance. Our office hours, which fall between 8.30am until 5.30pm, are designed to work around you.