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Braille Safety Signs

The importance of displaying signs that can be easily read by a range of people should never be underestimated. Braille signs are increasingly popular and they are needed – after all, sight-impaired people also need to be aware of safety. The fire exit Braille signs, for example, feature not only Braille but also raised lettering and a series of pictograms.

The most impressive feature of these signs is that they still look like the standard safety signs, so it is not necessary to have two signs that give the same information. Made from die-moulded plastic, these signs are made to last.

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Floor signs are also occasionally needed in Braille and there is a range of Braille safety signs that can be used for this. They are designed with Grade 1 Braille, and feature raised tactile writing together with a range of colours to help those who have visual impairments. The signs have been kept simple and feature an elegant design.

The signs have been made from die-moulded plastic and have a smooth finish. Braille users are guided with the help of the locating ring and the signs are designed to comply with the latest health and safety regulations. 

The signs are also designed to help those who have other needs. The braille and tactile sign for the Hearing Aid Loop Symbol will help those who have both sight and hearing problems. The raised lettering and the bright symbols are designed to aid those who have partial sight problems as well as those who are fully blind. Compliant with health and safety regulations, these signs are self-adhesive so they can be easily fixed into place.They are ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor areas and the satin finish helps to make this a hardwearing sign that can be placed anywhere that it may be needed. Hearing aid loops are often found at supermarket checkouts and banks, and hearing-impaired visitors that have visual problems need to be aware of where they can get the help that they need.

The range of signs suitable for the visually impaired also extends to prohibition signs. Again, these feature Braille, raised lettering and pictograms and look like the regular version of the signs. These are made from die-moulded plastic and are self-adhesive so they can be easily put into place. This category of signage could include 'No smoking' signs or 'No unauthorised personnel' signs.First aid is an important part of any workplace and the sight-impaired need to know where to find everything that they need. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the tactile and Braille safety signs are ideal for the workplace that is aware of the needs of everybody who might walk through the door. The satin finish and bright colours means that they stand out and can withstand environmental conditions that might otherwise be damaging.