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PPE Signs

Personal protective equipment (PPE) signs are a prerequisite anywhere work that carries any sort of physical risk is undertaken. These signs feature white pictograms and text on a blue background, and provide instructions such as ‘wear ear protectors’ and ‘head protection must be worn.’

Installing PPE signs is an important part of meeting health and safety regulations in the workplace, and Safetyshop has a huge selection of signs that conform to UK and EU legislation that are easy to put in place.

PPE signs help to ensure both workers and visitors know what should be worn on your premises in order to avoid injury.

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PPE signs

Our high-quality PPE signs are robust, clear and universal. The signs inform the reader about what PPE should be worn, so they should be placed at eye level in locations where they are easily visible. PPE signs are mandatory under the Health & Safety Regulations 1996.

All of the PPE signs we offer are mandatory signs that provide an effective way of informing employees, visitors or the general public about safety policies and what PPE is required.

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While many PPE signs are specific to the construction industry, that is not the case with all of them. For example, we offer Wear Hairnets Signs for restaurants and other catering businesses, and Lab Coats Must Be Worn in This Area Signs for use in schools and laboratories. These affordable signs can be used to complement workplace health and safety procedures.

Our High Visibility Clothing Must Be Worn Signs are ideal for informing workers about what PPE they are expected to use on a construction site or other working environments. They provide clear guidelines, as do our Helmet Symbol Signs, Eye Protection Symbol Signs, Safety Helmets Must Be Worn in This Area Signs and Foot Protection Signs, which can be used in conjunction with one another.

We also have signs regarding safety harnesses, which are very important when it comes to health and safety, as businesses can be liable if they do not warn employees about what equipment they should be using when they work at height. Our Safety Harness Must be Worn in This Area Signs and Wear Safety Harness Signs provide clear instructions that could help reduce the chances of a serious accident occurring.