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Hand Protection Signs

Many workplaces have areas where it is necessary for employees or anyone else in those areas to wear hand protection to avoid injury.

Make sure that everyone realises this by placing mandatory hand protection signs where they are clearly visible.

Failure to do this could lead to you being in breach of health and safety legislation in the event of an accident. Safetyshop is the place to find all your mandatory signage, including mandatory hand protection signs.

All the mandatory signs in Safetyshop’s range comply with the signage legislation, which states that mandatory signs should include a blue circular background with a white pictogram. Our mandatory hand protection signs include this and can be ordered in a vast choice of sizes, to ensure that you can find one that exactly fits the required location. If areas in your business also require other forms of protective clothing, you may need to use the mandatory hand protection sign in conjunction with other signs from the safety clothing signs range such as eye protection.

At Safetyshop, we understand how seriously employers take health and safety in the workplace and how important it is for you to have the correct signage. For most workplaces, our hand protection signs will provide all the information needed, so your employees know to protect their hands. If you feel our mandatory hand protection signs need to provide more information to exactly suit your requirements, please give us a call today to discuss a custom-made sign.

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