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Danger Warning Signs

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Clear, Easy-to-Understand UK “Danger Signs”, Wide Selection

Worksites can present a range of health and safety hazards and risks, and employers are legally obligated to provide effective warning to employees, worksite visitors and customers of any risk to their health.

Whether the risks involve machinery, deep water, hazardous substances, scaffolding, or anything in between, Safetyshop has a full range of danger signs to ensure that employers can find the perfect signs for the specific needs of their workplace.

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Danger Signage

When selecting the right danger signs for a workplace, there are a number of important factors to consider, including sign materials, fixings, placement and visibility.

Safety and Legislation

According to the HSE, employers are required to identify and properly warn of potential health and safety hazards in the workplace. The HSE guidelines on safety signs and signals fully outline the responsibilities of employers with regard to identifying risks, installing warning signs and signage maintenance.

Placement of Warning Signs

When determining which hazard signs are needed in a workplace and where they should be placed, it is important to first perform a comprehensive risk assessment of the area.

The HSE has advice on how to carry out a risk assessment, which involves touring a worksite, carefully making a note of any potential hazards, and planning how best to effectively warn of the dangers.

Danger signage should be installed in locations that are highly visible and clearly indicate the potential dangers. It is also important to make regular sign maintenance checks as damaged signs can be rendered illegible and therefore useless.

Sign Materials and Finishing

Safetyshop’s danger signs are made with a range of different materials and treatments to help you find the right signs for both indoor and outdoor use.

Below are just some of the materials, finishes and sizes you can select from:

Materials Lastname Finishes
Rigid plastic Satin >= 50.00 cm
Vinyl High gloss 40.00-49.99 cm
Acrylic Green edge/high gloss 30.00-39.99 cm
Aluminium Reflective vandal-resistant 15.00-29.99 cm
PVC Reflective laminate 10.00-14.99 cm
Polycarbonate Gold effect < 10.00 cm
Polycarbonate Gold effect < 10.00 cm
Correx fluted polypropylene Silver effect

Depending on the environment the sign is to be placed in, it is important to carefully consider the kind of sign coating you need. For example, in some outdoor areas it might be especially important to ensure that the signs are photoluminescent and/or vandal-resistant.

Alternatively, in the case of a Hot Water Caution sign, flexible vinyl may be more appropriate, which is easy to apply and ideal for curved surfaces, such as boilers, cylinders or wash basins.

Sign Fixings and Mountings

The type of material the sign is made of and the surface that the sign will be affixed to will determine both the way the sign is mounted and what fixings are needed. Signs can be easily affixed to surfaces such as walls, doors and fences using Safetyshop’s range of sign fixings and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are danger signs?

You may be wondering about danger signs' meaning. Our range includes a variety of different types of danger sign, each for slightly different situations. However, all danger signs are brightly coloured to communicate risk and warn anyone approaching of potential hazards ahead.

Danger warning signs are typically yellow triangular signs that include black text and pictograms. This is to maximise the visibility of these yellow danger signs, warning employees, customers and worksite visitors to be aware of specific dangers and take precautions.

What are danger signs and symbols used to indicate?

Traditional danger signs that feature an exclamation point and the word “Danger” are wonderfully versatile as they can be used to warn of an infinite number of hazards and health risks. However, Safetyshop has an assortment of danger signs that are designed to warn of specific hazards, using both a pictogram and verbal description.

Some of these specific hazards include:

What size should danger hazard warning signs be?

Safetyshop’s danger signs UK are available in six different size ranges (with many sizes in between) to accommodate the specific health and safety needs of every workplace. The signs start at 25x25mm, whereas the largest are between 800x600xmm and 841x594mm. The appropriate size of a danger sign will depend on the unique risks and hazards of your particular worksite.

What are the symbols used on danger signage?

The symbols used on danger signs are pictograms that are universally used and recognised. These symbols visually represent the hazards presented in the area, to complement the text used on the sign.

What about workplaces that present multiple hazards?

Many worksites in the construction and industrial sectors contain a range of different hazards. Safetyshop has danger sign multipacks that are ideal for large worksites where multiple warnings are needed.

In the event that multiple warnings are needed about a specific area, Safetyshop also has an assortment of signs that contain two or more warnings within one sign, such as the Danger Asbestos / Permit to work must be obtained sign and the Warning Lift Machine / Access Forbidden sign.

What is the best placement for danger signs?

The best placement for danger signs in a workplace should be determined during the risk assessment and reassessed with any new changes to the worksite. According to the HSE, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the signs are highly visible and well maintained.

Outdoor signs are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of weather, vegetation, the bleaching of UV light and vandalism, and should be regularly checked for damage and legibility.

Do danger signs need fixings?

To determine the type of fixing that will be needed for signage installation you should consider the following:

  • The material the sign is made of
  • The surface to which it is being affixed
  • The environment it is to be placed in (i.e. indoor or outdoor)

Safetyshop has a complete collection of sign fixings so you will be able to find exactly what you need, no matter how specific the needs of your unique workplace.