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Cleaning Trolleys

Good cleaning trolleys can be an excellent addition to any workplace, and they are essential for any large workplace that employs a significant number of cleaning staff. Those working in the hospitality industry or in large office buildings are sure to be aware that cleaning trolleys make life much easier for cleaning staff, and they can also prove useful to the efficiency of those working in a small team.

Safetyshop offers a wide range of cleaning trolleys and accessories, and we are happy to field any questions you may have about what best suits your needs.

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A clean home is a happy home’, as the saying goes. The same could easily be said of a workplace, with cleanliness an important factor to take into consideration for any employer or office manager. If you are responsible for the organisation of cleaning staff, then getting said staff cleaning trolleys should be at the top of your agenda.

Safetyshop has everything from hotel cleaning trolleys to simple storage trolleys, which are most useful for used linen and waste. A great multi-purpose trolley is the folding waste cart with bag, which is not only easy to move around, but also provides extra support for heavy loads and is foldable for when it is not in use - a great feature for any workplace where space is at a premium.

For anyone looking to invest in a heavy-duty cleaning trolley, the TTS deluxe trolley with wringer really is top of the line. Versatile, hard-wearing, mobile and compact, this trolley provides cleaning personnel with everything they could possibly need in one simple package; two buckets complete with mop wringer, a rear bag holder and a brightly-coloured, wipe-clean plastic frame make this a fantastic all-purpose option, especially for large buildings.

The slightly simpler, but no less efficient, housekeeping carousel provides a similar set of features on a smaller scale, with a mop bucket, hidden, covered bin and a two-section caddy for carrying around cleaning supplies and products.

If you are not sure which cleaning trolley is the best choice for your workplace, we are happy to provide any help you need in identifying the most suitable option.