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Speed Bump Systems

Speeding is a problem that can endanger lives and every workplace that has a car park or private roads should have a speed management system in place. Signage is always useful but telling visitors and workers what the speed limit is does not mean that people are going to take any notice. A speed bump system is often the better choice for ensuring that traffic is calmed. The Policemen Speed Bump System is considered to be the best choice for a wide range of places and has been proven to reduce speeds and reduce the number of accidents.

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The design of the speed bump system is unique and interlocking so that any impact force is spread along the bump. The sections are made from high quality PVC and have cat's eyes built-in to ensure that they are as visible as possible. End caps complete the bump. They are effective enough to bring down the speed of larger vehicles to around 10 mph and smaller cars to 5mph. An alternative is the one-way traffic flow plates. These are designed to slow traffic and make the area safer for pedestrians. Vehicles can only pass over them in one direction and speeds generally drop to around 5 mph. Businesses need to be aware that signs should also be in place to inform drivers that they have to reduce their speed because of the traffic-calming measures in place.