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Handrail Barriers

Workplaces are often busy and potentially hazardous places. While there can be many ways to deal with hazards, one of the safest options is to fence an area off using barriers to clearly demonstrate that such an area is dangerous.

Some areas, such as along the edges of paths, can benefit from handrail barriers, providing a means of support to those on the correct side of the barrier while clearly demonstrating not to go beyond it. Safetyshop has an extensive range of handrail barriers to help you maintain the safety standards at your workplace.

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Once you have identified areas that need handrail barriers, it is easy to find everything you need at Safetyshop. We stock a range of handrail barrier components that are easy to fix together to create the handrail barriers you need. Because each component is sold separately, you will only need to buy the parts you need to construct your handrail barrier, with no wastage. All of our handrail barriers conform to the height required by building regulations.

Buying the handrail barrier parts that you need from Safetyshop should be a straightforward process, but if you need any extra help or advice our experts will be happy to take your call. Place your order for handrail barriers today and take the steps you need to restrict access to hazardous areas, while providing valuable hand support.