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Security Mirrors

If you’re going to keep your workplace secure, you need to be able to see what’s going on there. Security cameras are all well and good, but sometimes what you want is a simpler, more direct solution. Our range of security mirrors is designed so that you can see everything that’s going on around you without having to check a screen. If they’re well placed, then any unexpected movement will be visible out of the corner of your eye. Our collection includes mirrors suitable for use both indoors and out.

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security mirrors

Security mirrors are ideal for watching over spaces where there is a significant risk of petty theft, such as supermarkets and clothing stores. They can also come in useful in factory environments, where a supervisor keeping an eye on what different people are doing can help to keep everybody safe. Because most people are used to seeing mirrors in the places where they shop, they are not regarded as being intrusive, the way cameras can be. Often people don’t notice them at all. This can make them much more effective tools for spotting trouble.

Buyers Guide

There are a number of different styles of security mirrors available but they all have convex surfaces, effectively widening your field of view. Most are designed to be fitted on a wall or in a high corner, but we also offer domed mirrors that can be attached to the ceiling, providing an enhanced view no matter whereabouts in the room you are. All these mirrors are simple to fix in place and are made from durable materials – they are not unbreakable but they are considerably tougher than the mirrors you’re likely to have at home. Heavy-duty mirrors are the best option for prolonged outdoor use.

We also sell inspection mirrors that you can use to check underneath vehicles. From a safety perspective, this is about making sure that no suspicious packages have been attached to them. They are also useful during routine inspections, however, to check for things such as fluid leaks and tyre damage.

Investing in a security mirror can keep you and your staff safer and help to protect your business from theft or damage. It’s a sensible solution to a host of workplace problems, so why delay? You can find what you need right here.