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Accident Books

While accident books are not necessary in the home, they are a legal requirement for any workplace with ten or more employees. This includes schools and doctor’s surgeries, as well as more conventional workplaces such as offices. These accident books must also comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998, which requires any information or data be properly stored in the interests of privacy and safety.

Making your workplace safe for employees can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to it, but whether you are setting up a business for the first time or have years of experience managing a company, we can help you find the right accident book.

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accident books

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So, what is the actual function of an accident book? Accident books are not designed in order to prevent accidents, but rather for employers to record any workplace or work-related injuries that occur.

There are some workplaces where the need for such a book seems obvious, such as gyms, warehouses and construction sites, where accidents are more likely to occur due to the physical nature of the work, but accident books are required in all workplaces with ten or more employees, regardless.

The Accident Book Holder is just as important as the accident book itself. In order to abide by the Data Protection Act of 1998, employers must not only have an accident book, but a safe, secure place in which to store accident reports, in order to ensure privacy. The holder is sold separately to the accident book, but is a necessity in any workplace, and a must-have for employers.

If you are unsure of what you need to create a safe environment for your employees, just ask Safetyshop.