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6 Pack Mandatory Signs

Sometimes, it is necessary to convey a message or instruction that must be followed. These signs are called mandatory signs and have a distinctive image and background colour.

Often found on construction sites, warehouses, or workplaces where hazards regularly feature, these signs must be followed at all times, which means that they need to be placed prominently and clearly. If you’re working across a large site or multiple sites, then our 6 pack of mandatory signs will be particularly useful. These signs can be used as reminders for workers and visitors and should be present throughout a site.

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Some of our most popular 6 pack mandatory signs include Eye Protections Must Be Worn and Hearing Protection Must Be Worn, which ensure the safety of workers on construction sites. A popular buy for warehouse managers is the Lift Correctly 6 pack of signs, which displays the importance of lifting correctly heavy or cumbersome items that could cause injury. It’s not just construction sites where mandatory signs can be useful, however, as we also have a Place All Rubbish in Bins sign, which is useful in public spaces such as parks, and Keep Off, Keep Clear and Keep Out signs, which can be used to deter trespassing on private property as well as to keep the public away from dangerous or hazardous sites. Our 6 pack mandatory signs adhere to UK and EU legislation and come with universal application, meaning that they can be used wherever they are necessary.