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Sign Fixings

So, you’ve chosen a great set of signs for your workplace. What happens next? Now you need to be able to position them where they can do their job, and for that, you need sign fixings. We have a large variety to choose from, permanent and semi-permanent, suitable for all the different environments where you may want your signs to be. Whether it’s going indoors or outdoors, sticking to a surface or hanging from the ceiling, and no matter what it’s made of, you’ll find the right fixing for each sign here.

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When choosing the right sign fixings, it’s advisable to start by thinking about the stresses the sign is likely to be subjected to. Will it be somewhere where people might try to remove it? Might it be battered about by wind? Are people likely to bump into it when carrying things past it? This will help you to determine what you need.

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If you use adhesives to fix your signs in place, you will generally find that they cannot be removed. Although solvents for such glues are available, using them will often damage the sign. This approach makes your sign very secure, however, and can be used to attach it to almost any surface, so it’s a good idea if you want the sign to be in one place for a long time.

At the other end of the scale, sign fixings such as suction pads make your signs very easy to remove. This means that signs can potentially be knocked to the ground or even stolen, but it makes them easy to move around, so suction pads are a good choice when you work in different locations at different times.

In between these two extremes, fixings such as foam tape ensure that signs are secure and cannot easily be knocked down, but are not too much trouble to move if necessary. This is a practical approach for delicate surfaces such as glass.

Some of our signs come with ready-made holes for screw fittings, and you can find all the bits and pieces you’ll need to mount them here. They are suitable for use on wooden or plaster surfaces, but you can still use other types of fixing if you want to secure these signs to something else.

If you’ve chosen your signs, why not also pick up your sign fixings here?