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Pipe Marking Tapes

Health and safety regulations and guidelines are very clear that pipes and cables must be labelled in order to ensure the safety of those who work with them and around them. People who accidentally come into contact with pipes or their contents could be at serious risk of harm but this can be prevented.

There is a range of tapes and labels on the market that allows for pipes and cables to be clearly marked so that potential dangers can be minimised. The process is simple and will help to reduce the possibility of an accident. 

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Pipe-marking tapes that are specially coated and colour-coordinated are used to identify the various types of pipes and the products that they carry. However, there is also the possibility of workers coming into contact with pipes and cables, even if they cannot see them. Workers who dig through surfaces, for example, are likely to come into contact with a range of pipes and cables. If they are not sure what pipes are where, then there is a stronger possibility of a service strike. Special tape can be used that is buried under the road or footway surface so that as the workers dig through they will become aware of the potential dangers. With a range of tapes to identify different pipes and substances, there is no reason why any worker should be put in danger – ensuring good levels of health and safety only takes a few minutes.