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Safety Workwear

When you’re working in tough environments, you need the right clothes for the job. Our range of safety workwear includes garments that can protect you from heat, cold, wet, and caustic chemicals. The range is designed to meet regulatory standards and the right choices will give you the best protection available for the work you do. These items of clothing are practical, durable and comfortable to wear, even when you’re working in awkward positions for extended periods. Much of it also incorporates useful pockets for stowing small pieces of equipment, so everything is where you need it.

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safety workwear

We know that wanting your employees to be safe does not mean you don’t want them to be smart. There’s a good deal of stylish clothing in this section and some of it can be customised so that your company name and logo are on display. We also have fleeces so you can look smart in the cold and maintain the flexibility that bulkier thermal clothing can inhibit. Because you may want to change quickly from factory floor clothes to smart clothes, we have a range of overalls that are easy to slip on over other things and can protect you against dirt, grease and damp. Some are even fire retardant.

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In many jobs, the most vulnerable part of the body is the legs, so we have a variety of pairs of tough work trousers and dungarees for you to choose from. Some are flame-resistant and some can help protect you from chemical burns. Some have pouches at the knees where you can insert pads if you’re going to be kneeling a lot (the pads are sold separately so that it’s easier to replace them). Cargo trousers and multi-pocket work trousers are great for storage, and combat trousers are good for work where there’s a risk of being cut or scratched.

For those situations in which pockets are not enough, we sell tool lanyards and work vests designed for multiple attachments. These can be worn over almost any other piece of safety workwear, though you should be careful to ensure that loose items cannot be caught in machinery.

Getting your employees kitted out with the right gear keeps everybody safer and helps you to meet your statutory obligations as an employer, so why not make a start today?