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Outdoor Bins

Disposing of waste in an effective manner is vital for businesses, as a buildup of rubbish and litter can have a detrimental impact on health and safety and can leave work spaces looking untidy and unhygienic. Whether you need large-scale, robust-wheeled waste containers or flatpack-style bins for easy transportation, we have a bespoke waste solution that will suit your requirements.

Outdoor bins are great for concert and sports venues, parks and gardens, and business premises, and many are multi-purpose, so they can be used for different types of waste. Safetyshop offers a range of affordable, practical options, including mounted bins in a range of colours to enable consistent segregation of waste.

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outdoor bins

Many of our products feature the Tidy Man logo from the Keep Britain Tidy initiative in the UK. The logo aims to encourage thoughtful waste disposal in all areas and is a great way to show your support for the independent environmental charity. We offer a Wheeled Bin with this logo that is available in a variety of bright colours for ease of visibility and multi-purpose use.

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Outdoor bins and accessories are ideal for many different workers, such as builders, decorators and cleaners. We have a convenient and practical plastic sack hoop that is designed for use on the move and features comfortable grips, a belt clip and wide circumference for quick and simple disposal wherever you may be.

If you require a more robust solution for large volumes of rubbish, we have 4 Wheeled Polythene Waste Containers, which are easy to manoeuvre and have advanced features such as key-operated lid locks for additional security. These containers are ultraviolet-resistant and high-density, so they are able to withstand the rigours of waste disposal for a long time.

Waste bins do not have to be an eyesore; the Copperfield Litter Bin is an attractive alternative in a  traditional style. These outdoor bins can be fixed to concrete and customised with an ashtray. The Imperial Litter Bin also had contemporary style, and is available in several colours, but it is easier to empty and clean thanks to its removable hooded lid and lighter weight, while still offering substantial capacity.