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First Aid Equipment Signs

It does not matter how many first aiders a company has or how many first aid kits: if staff members do not know where to find them then they are not much use. It is not always going to be a qualified first aider who is first on the scene after an incident.

Of course, first aid equipment signs can also extend to other equipment such as defibrillators.

Many large companies now have equipment like this so that first aiders can help in the event of a serious condition such as a heart attack, without the need to wait for paramedics.

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Defibrillator signs can be posted where needed and the signs comply with all relevant legislation in the UK and the EU. These signs are not only designed to be placed at the site of the defibrillators but also to point people in the right direction, so a sign in the warehouse could tell staff that the nearest defibrillator is located in the reception area. Remember that there is usually only one defibrillator on the premises, so clear signage to its location is essential. As with most health and safety signage, the first aid equipment signs can be used indoors and outdoors and there are different types available, from self-adhesive to rigid plastic that can be bolted into place. Signs that offer 3D viewing and luminescence are also popular as these can easily be seen in the event that the lights are no longer working.