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The importance of high-quality matting to health and safety in the workplace cannot be overstated. Placing matting in entrances and buildings will not only help you to comply with regulations and legislation, such as the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 174, by mitigating risk, but also significantly reduce the amount of dirt and other unwanted, unhygienic elements that are brought into the workplace.

Safetyshop has an extensive range of matting products for all working environments; from heavy duty industrial materials to luxurious cotton plush matting, these durable, washable matting solutions are sure to meet your needs.

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Matting has benefits beyond the obvious health and safety concerns; it can insulate employees from cold concrete floors and provide extra grip and additional support while they work. Safetyshop matting products are available in different sizes, colours and materials for multi-purpose use in the workplace. We even have Safety Slogan Carpet Mats, which can be used alongside other safety signage to instruct and inform people about dangers at work.

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If you require a solid surface with resistance and cushioning, then you may want to opt for our Anti-Fatigue Matting Tiles which are padded to help prevent fatigue. These can be used in conjunction with the Safety Anti-Fatigue Mat, which features a bright yellow trim for safety awareness and helps to reduce leg and back pain. We also have Switchboard Matting for insulation from electric shocks.

Our practical and economical range of matting is supplemented by more luxurious products. The Entrance Launder Mat and Cotton Plush Entrance Mat are ideal for trapping moisture, grease and dirt, while providing a professional image. Those looking for more hard-wearing matting can opt for the Coir Entrance Matting, which has superb absorbency properties, making it ideal for placing at entrances; it is also easy to clean.

There are other benefits to the use of matting in the workplace. For example, the Standard Anti-Fatigue Matting and Industrial Knee-Saver Mat can boost productivity and improve posture by relieving stress on important parts of the body. These lightweight options are also easy to manoeuvre and transport.

For more information about the many matting options Safetyshop offers, please get in touch.