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Authorised Persons Only Signs

Authorised persons only signs are needed for various reasons. If you work in a situation where certain areas are off-limit for safety reasons, such as on a construction site, in a hospital or laboratory, then they are necessary additions to your workplace. They can also be useful for any workplace where customers or guests regularly visit and a staff-only area needs to be clearly demarcated. In these cases, a simple Keep Out, No Entry sign is usually appropriate, or even one of our laser-engraved Private signs, which can be affixed easily to staff rooms, break rooms or stock rooms.

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We have a wide range of authorised persons only signs available at Safetyshop to meet the needs that are specific to your workplace. The Danger Explosive Atmosphere No Admittance sign, for example, is a must-buy item for any environment where explosive risks are a possibility. The signs clearly demarcate where non-authorised personnel or the public are not allowed, and also comply with both the BS 5499 and Health and Safety Regulations of 1996 and fire retardant standards DIN 4102-Part 1 Class B1. We also have a highly useful and very versatile No Pedestrians sign, which can be used in temporary situations where pedestrians aren’t allowed for a short period of time. These reusable signs conform to ISO 7010 and feature the instantly recognisable symbols and backgrounds. They can also be used again and again, making them particularly useful for construction works who move from site to site.