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Employers have an obligation under the health and safety rules to assess and minimise the risks within their workplace. Mandatory signs are an important part of reducing risk within the workplace by making employees aware of areas in which they need to take extra care or wear protective clothing. Mandatory signs may be warning signs or they may provide important information on what procedures to follow in order to work safely. These signs may be used to provide information to both the workforce and any visitors to the site. Mandatory signs need to be clear and to provide concise information

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Employers have a responsibility to their workforce, visitors and any members of the public who may enter their work site. Our Pedestrians Must Use This Route Signs are ideal for ensuring that pedestrians do not stray into areas in which they may come to harm. Place these signs near areas in your workplace that are dangerous and should be off-limits to pedestrians. The signs have been designed to comply with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations of 1996. The signs have a blue circular background with a white pictogram and can be positioned anywhere they are required. Our Lift Correctly Signs are a reminder to employees to follow best practice when lifting heavy items. The incorrect lifting of heavy items is a common cause of injuries in the workplace, which can in turn lead to lost productivity. The signs may be placed anywhere that they are needed.