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Disabled Access Signs

Making your workplace safe and accessible for those with disabilities is a major part of adhering to health and safety regulations. After you’ve taken the necessary steps to do so, it is then important to make sure everything is clearly signed.

This is even more important when it comes to parking and making sure disabled access is immediately obvious to those who need it.

We have a variety of signs available at Safetyshop, and offer a range of disabled access signs that should help you provide a safe and welcoming environment to employees, visitors and guests who are differently abled.

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Our disabled access signs, such as the Access at Rear sign, Wheelchair Ramp sign and Access at Side of Building sign, can all be used in car parks. These signs are immediately recognisable and identifiable with their familiar imagery that instantly alerts users to their meaning. These signs act not only as helpful signs for those with disabilities, but also as deterrents to everyone else who may otherwise block ramps or entrances that are meant for disabled users. Health and safety is such an important part of creating a welcoming environment for employees and visitors, but it’s just as important not to overlook those who have different needs and abilities. In using these signs, you will be taking the first step in ensuring that your work environment is usable and welcoming for everyone involved. If you can’t find what you need, please do get in touch.