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Information Signs

We see them everywhere and often take them for granted, but information signs are one of the most common means for providing clear and concise visual guidance for the general public and workers in a variety of environments.

Information signs have grown in popularity since the advent of plastics that enabled affordable mass production, which enabled limitless signage with relevant text and imagery. Here at Safetyshop, we know how important it is to inform people about the purpose of a particular object or provide them with instructions about how to act or use equipment. Browse our wide selection of information signs to find the right product for your needs.

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information signs

Information signs can be displayed in offices, schools, warehouses, construction sites and other spaces where people would benefit from easy-to-digest information that can mitigate health and safety risks and provide simple, actionable guidance.

Information Signs: Buying Guide

Building sites are among the most dangerous working environments, so you may wish to opt for our Building Sites Are Dangerous Multi Message Signs, which provide warnings and notices. These construction signs are a legal requirement and can be mounted on a variety of surfaces in seconds. We have other multi-message signs too, such as Warning Fragile Roof/Strictly No Access, Demolition in Process, Warning This Site is Dangerous and Warning Construction Site/No Trespassing.

Some of our information signs provide details rather than warnings about dangers, risks and hazards. For example, we have a variety of white background and black text signs to advise staff and visitors about activities such as warehouse collections and the location of receptions, supervisor's offices and quality inspection areas.

Choose a selection of information signs from a range that promotes recycling, energy saving and other actions that benefit the environment. These signs feature the traditional three chasing arrows of the universal recycling symbol and text such as Turn Off The Lights, Turn Off Electrical Appliances and Turn Down Heating Evenings, Weekends & Holidays.

There are also environmentally-friendly signs for toilet and washroom use. These signs designate girls, boys, ladies, gentlemen and disabled toilets using a variety of symbols, and are available in a range of sizes and finishes. All of these signs comply with fire retardant standards for stringent health and safety in both living and work spaces.

All school buses are legally required to have a sign at the front and back of the vehicle, so make sure you are compliant with the regulations by displaying our highly visible, bright yellow sign.