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6 Pack Hazard Warning Signs

Hazard warning signs are particularly important for any workplace environment where hazardous materials are used regularly, or where hazardous situations often arise. Our 6 pack hazard warning signs could be used on construction sites or warehouses, and can be used across multiple locations due to their universal application. These signs can be used to minimise the chance of risk when on-site, but some of them are also useful in other situations to act as a deterrent for theft or trespassing, such as the 6 pack CCTV In Operation signs, Caution Guard Dog signs, and the Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted signs.

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Using safety signs or hazard warning signs is important in securing the safety of employees or visitors, and is also one way that employers or managers can ensure that they are properly following government health and safety directives. In situations where hazards are present, whether they be a fragile roof, trip hazard, electric shock or asbestos, employers must properly indicate that the hazard is present in order to abide by the law. These signs, though a simple and easy addition to your workplace, could potentially save lives. Our 6 pack hazard warning signs are a great way of ensuring that you’re providing the warnings needed in your workplace or construction area as they can be used in different locations around the workplace, or in different workplaces should that be necessary. Most of our signs also adhere to the BS 5499 directive, ensuring that you are following official health and safety guidelines.