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Double-Sided Corridor Signs

Clear, easy-to-see signage is an integral part of ensuring the health and safety of your employees when in your workplace.

When it comes to emergency and warning signs, you need to make sure that you are placing them correctly so that they are noticeable and easy to follow. In order to adhere to the regulations laid down by the Health and Safety Executive, the signs need to conform to all the requisite orders.

All of our double sided corridor signs adhere to the appropriate regulations and are made from high-quality rigid plastic, making them hard-wearing and extremely durable. 

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Our double sided corridor signs range from Fire Exit signs, Fire Extinguisher signs, First Aid signs and CCTV in Operation signs. These signs are best used indoors in areas that are used as pathways or throughways, and in particular in areas that would be used as emergency exits in the case of fire or some other emergency. It is vital to have a fire plan in place in a workplace, no matter what the size of your establishment, and once you have figured out the safest route out of a building in the event of an emergency, using easily recognisable signs to point the way ensures both employee and visitor safety should the worst happen. We also have many instructional double sided corridor signs available, however, with our No Smoking sign being a wise investment for any workplace, commercial or community building considering the UK smoking ban of 2007.