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Transit & Evacuation Chairs

There may be times when it is necessary to help a sick or injured person to get out of a building, and transit and evacuation chairs are the way to do this. They can be easily operated by one person and if necessary, they can be used on stairs. They are designed to hold more than 180kg in weight.

The patient being transported is held safely in place by the attached restraints and staff can be easily trained to use the chair. When not in use it folds down flat and can be stored away so it takes up very little room.

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There is a whole range of transit evacuation chairs to choose from. The 700H model is made from steel and comes complete with a dust cover and fixings so it can be fastened to the wall. This chair can even be used on spiral staircases and there is no need for lifting. Remind staff members where to find it by adding a sign nearby. 

The chairs are easily assembled and the patient can be safely placed in the chair and moved out of the building when an ambulance arrives. Alternatively, it can be used to move someone from a dangerous area of the building to a safer area so that they can be treated more easily. Not all workplaces have this type of safety equipment in place but it is better to be as prepared as possible so that every emergency can be handled properly.