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Recycling Signs

When you’re recycling different types of waste on the same premises, it’s helpful to have signs directing people to the right places to put their rubbish. This avoids mistakes that can jam up recycling systems and cause all sorts of trouble. Our range of signs is designed to make it easy for you to keep track of what goes where. Familiar symbols, clear lettering and bright, distinctive colours make it easy for your workers and visitors to check at a glance. Some signs come in multiple forms so you can choose exactly what is right for you.

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recycling signs

Responsible recycling is important to meeting your environmental obligations and it can also help you to get certified as a green company, which can make a positive impression on customers and potential investors. Making sure recyclable materials are separated properly is also important to workplace safety. If hazardous waste such as asbestos or flat glass goes into the wrong bin, it could result in someone being injured. This is why recycling signs have a key role to play in keeping your employees out of harm’s way.

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Our range of recycling signs is very extensive and you may find that browsing through it makes you aware of new and better ways you can separate waste. Talk to your local council to find out which recycling categories it uses and make sure you have appropriate recycling bins. Private collection services are also available for some types of waste. If you recycle materials directly, you may also find these signs useful for designating drop-off points for other organisations or members of the public depositing items with you.

We have a range of recycling signs that are similar in design but use different colours for different types of materials. Choosing a selection of these is the easiest way to get people used to separating materials. Once they have learned which things go with which colour, it’s impossible to forget.

Even if you collect mixed recycling, you’ll find signs here to help you. We also have signs for non-recyclable waste so you can keep it organised and make sure it doesn’t get mixed up with other things.

Most of our signs are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and we have a selection of signs for use if you are recycling wood or garden waste.