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Fire Door Safety

Fire doors are an essential part of fire safety. They are designed to help to contain a fire and need to be managed properly.

As part of a health and safety programme, they should be tested regularly to make sure that they close properly, and regular checks should be carried out to ensure that there is nothing placed in the way to prevent them from closing.

There is also a variety of equipment that has been created to help companies to ensure that their fire doors are working to maximum efficiency. A small investment can make all the difference to safety.

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Fire door retainers can be a good investment as they are easy to install, comply with all the relevant safety standards and regulations and there is no need for wiring. The units are operated by batteries and will hold the door open when everything is safe but will automatically close if the fire alarm rings at a certain level for more than 14 seconds. Panic bolts are another item that could be useful in the workplace. They are easy to install and come with everything needed to fit them. Concerns about arson attacks could also mean that an anti-arson letterbox with a built-in fire extinguisher could be useful. These have an airtight seal so oxygen cannot get to the fire and once the temperature reaches a certain level the extinguisher deploys automatically, protecting the premises from unnecessary damage