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Laser & Radiation Warning Signs

Warning signs must be used in any work environment where hazards exist. For many workplaces, such hazards will merely consist of slippery floors or hot surfaces, but some workplaces present far greater hazards than others.

In order to determine which risks are present in your workplace, it is the responsibility of the employer to assess the risks and hazards and then take action to reduce these risks and hazards as much as possible.

Warning signs are a big part of this, and it is against the regulations of the Health and Safety Executive not to properly warn employees of hazards.

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Laser radiation warning signs must be used in all places where laser radiation presents a hazard to employees and visitors. We have several options available here at Safetyshop so you should be able to find the warning sign that’s best suited to your workplace environment, but if you can’t then do please get in touch. Our Caution Laser Beam warning sign with black and yellow colouring and triangle symbol is instantly recognisable. It also boasts universal application, so it can be placed almost anywhere. We also have a number of radiation warning signs in our range, which feature the widely recognised symbol for radiation, as well as universal application. All our laser radiation warning signs offer great value for money, making them a wise investment for any workplace with laser radiation hazards present.