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Health and safety in the workplace requires not only an initial assessment and risk reduction, but also in the case of equipment, continuous testing to ensure that equipment remains safe to operate. Nanotag inspection tags can be used to mark equipment that requires testing to ensure that a proper testing regime is followed. Failure to comply with health and safety regulations can be expensive for a business. Although labelling of equipment that has been tested is not required by the regulations, doing so is a good way of demonstrating that a scheme exists and of monitoring the effectiveness of the scheme.

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Our Scafftag Electrical Equipment Nanotag Kit is a set of inspection tags for electrical equipment. Using the tags will increase safety in the workplace and communicate the condition of the equipment to the workforce. An insert in the tag clearly displays the next test date, with a reference number that can be used to indicate that the equipment is safe to use. The tags are clearly visible due to their distinctive yellow colour. The holder can be attached to electrical equipment in a clearly visible location, but it is also small enough to be unobtrusive. Our Diesel – Flammable European Standard Pipemarkers are high quality, scratch resistant pipemarkers. The pipemarkers conform to RL European Standard Colour Codings. The pipemarkers are used with hazardous substances and have all the necessary hazard symbols printed directly onto them. The pipemarkers are made from overlaminated polyester, low in halogen, so will not dissolve into the pipe.