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Multi-Message Signs

Under health and safety regulations, employers are required to ensure that all their employees, visitors and any members of the public on their work site are aware of any potential hazards and any areas in which they need to take particular care. This can be achieved by the use of signage. Signs that carry a clear message and use recognised symbols can help employers to ensure that they fulfil all their obligations under the health and safety regulations, as well as reduce the risk of accidents and lost time and profit due to injuries.

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Our Health and Safety Compliant Site Safety Sign are versatile and contain vital safety messages. The signs are available in a range of different formats for easy use. The signs can be positioned anywhere on a work site and offer valuable safety information for all individuals entering the work site. The signs use internationally recognised symbols and can be clearly understood by a diverse audience. The signs may be used for temporary or permanent premises and are durable enough to be used either indoors or outdoors. Site Safety Signs – Heavy Plant and Machinery Operate are vital for ensuring safety on sites such as building or construction sites. The signs are available in a range of materials and sizes and may be affixed to fences, walls or stanchion sign holders. Construction sites can be especially hazardous and these signs ensure that not only employees but also any visitors are aware of any potential hazards.