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Line Marking Systems

Line marking systems are important for situations that require temporary road markings.

Road markings help to control traffic and ensure that traffic flows safely.

When choosing temporary road marking systems, it is important that the system is reflective and highly visible.

In addition to these qualities, the system should also be easy to apply and cure fast and it needs to be durable.

Health and safety directives are increasingly focusing on logistics and work areas that require traffic and pedestrian areas to be clearly separated. Usually, this separation is achieved by using printed symbols or line markings.

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We have a range of line marking systems that offer effective traffic control within minutes. Our Thermoplastic Road Marking System is made from a thermoplastic mastic, which is durable, sharp-edged and precise, making it ideal for applying traffic signs and symbols to a road surface. The system may be used either indoors or outdoors. The system can be applied to a variety of road surfaces, including asphalt, tar, concrete, tiling and composite paving. The system is available either in white reflective or yellow reflective colours. It can be used for pedestrian walkways, parking bays, school playgrounds, garages, weighbridges, reserved storage areas and traffic lanes. Flexiline Thermoplastic Road Markings - Letters are preformed clear-cut letters that can be applied and driven over within minutes. We offer a wide range of preformed letters, lines and symbols. An aerosol is provided to apply the letters and this will be touch-dry within 10 to 15 minutes.

We also supply a wide range of stencils which can be used to mark out warnings or instructions, and demarcate reserved spaces in your car park, as well as coloured ground marking paints. These are all available in our Line Marking and Traffic Paint section