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Anti Climb Products

Anti-climb products are used to deter people from climbing on certain surfaces or over certain structures. They are particularly useful in acting as a deterrent against thieves and vandals, though they certainly can’t be relied upon to provide fool-proof security from theft or vandalism. Some anti-climb products also work against pets, birds or other animals, so if you have cats or dogs, they may not be the best product for you. Anti-climb products can be used in both domestic and professional settings in order to keep certain areas a little safer from thieves, vandals or trespassers. 

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As long as you’re not worried about pets or animals, then our Anti-climb strips, which can be used on top of walls, fences, gates and on trees, are a great way of keeping intruders at bay. These versatile strips can be glued, nailed or screwed into place, meaning that they can be used on almost any surface. Another popular product is the anti-climb paint. This paint can be used on drain pipes and fences, and it stops anyone from climbing up them, whether they are adventurous children, gravity-defying animals or more nefarious intruders. If you choose anti-climb paint, you must also use a sign to warn people that anti-climb paint is in use – these signs are sold separately. The anti-climb paint is available in non-drying, oil-based paint that stays constantly slippery to stop people from climbing up things such as pipes or fences.