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PPE Storage

Health and safety regulations stipulate that all employers must provide safety equipment to their employees. Not only should this equipment be provided, but employees must also be made aware of how to use it and where to find the equipment. Having the equipment in a central location near to where it is required, along with instructions on its use, will ensure that employees are able to find the equipment and use the equipment appropriately. This will reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. Injuries to staff results in reduced productivity and may also have other negative consequences for a business.

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Safetyshop’s PPE Warehouse Safety Information Point is ideal for warehouses. It clearly communicates important personal protective equipment information and has a 3D header sign so that it can be easily seen from all angles. Hearing protection points also have a mirror to aid the fitting of hearing protection. Multi-Compartment PPE Storage is ideal for storing personal protective equipment for workshops and factories as well as for storing visitor protective equipment. The front opening designs provides easy access to the equipment and can be labelled with a range of different pictograms depending on the items to be stored. Placing this storage close to the workplace will ensure that all staff know where safety equipment can be found and increase the use of the equipment. Personal Protective Equipment Tiered Lockers are ideal for storing protective clothing and equipmentu.