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Escalator Signs

Safetyshop has various escalator signs to choose from, should you be wishing to either clearly denote an escalator, or issue instructions on how users should behave on the escalator.

Escalators pose particular health and safety issues, which is why it’s important to clearly and prominently place signs that inform users how to act on them in a safe and appropriate manner.

Whether you’re looking for escalator signs for a commercial building or office space, you need to be sure that you’re alerting users of their presence and how best to use them in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

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If you’re looking for a simple escalator sign that lets people know that they are about to get on an escalator, then our Clear and Informative Escalator sign quickly informs users that they are approaching an escalator, thereby alerting them to the need to take care, or find an alternative route if, for example, they are a wheelchair user or have a suitcase or pushchair with them. Another option is the Escalator (Symbol) Laser Engraved Acrylic Sign, which features both an escalator symbol and writing. When it comes to instructional signs, there is our Highly Visible and Informative Escalator Safety sign, which offers five instructions on how to correctly use an escalator, and is available in two different materials. Other options include signs directing users which side of the escalator to stand on, and warning them to hold onto the handrail when using the escalator.