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Emergency Blankets

There is so much more to administering first aid than cleaning and dressing wounds, giving medication and beginning CPR; while each of these tasks is as important as the last, taking the time to comfort a patient or injured bystander can be just as useful. At SafetyShop.com, we want to ensure that you’re equipped to tackle any aspect of first aid, and we're proud to present these emergency blankets for sale.

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emergency blankets

Emergency blankets serve two purposes: to warm and comfort patients in the event of an emergency and to trap heat against the body when a person is injured and at risk of hypothermia. The cotton first aid blanket available on SafetyShop.com is perfectly suited to the former task and can be draped around a person following an incident or accident to ensure they remain warm and cosy until help arrives, or during a ride in an ambulance. At such times it’s imperative that the patient or bystander, who may be going into shock, is kept calm and that their body temperature is maintained as far as possible, to prevent significant health problems. Made with high-quality washable cotton, this blanket has a cellular design that keeps heat trapped against the body, while its light design makes it easy to store and transport.

The SafetyShop’s emergency foil blankets are essential for any first aid kit, reflecting a patient’s body heat to keep them warm, dry and calm until help arrives. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, particularly during bad weather, there’s a real risk of a person going into shock or succumbing to hypothermia; these disposable foil blankets can buy a patient valuable time and prevent their heart rate from dropping too dramatically. Such a simple item, yet an emergency blanket can be the difference between life and death. In addition to its warming properties, this blanket is wind and rain resistant and will provide protection against the elements should you find yourself administering first aid outdoors.

Our major incident first aid kit contains everything you could need to attend to a patient injured in a variety of circumstances. What’s more, here at SafetyShop we are dedicated to keeping your first aid kits and stations stocked; we provide a variety of refills and replacements for key items within your kit. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do give us a call.