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Head Protection Signs

Working in certain environments can present particular safety issues for many workers, such as those who work in construction. If you are an employer or site manager in construction then it is not only your responsibility to provide protective clothing, but also to clearly display signs that indicate it is necessary to wear such clothing.

Your responsibility to your employees is also a legal responsibility as laid out by the Health and Safety Executive, so to ensure you are following all relevant guidelines and regulations, be sure to invest in the requisite PPE clothing signs, including head protection signs.

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Here at Safetyshop we have a wide choice when it comes to protective clothing signs, and that includes our head protection signs. When necessary, our signs conform to the UK government’s regulations and for anyone working on a construction or similar environment, these signs will be instantly recognisable, as well as easy to read and follow. We offer a choice between red stop signs with the familiar octagonal stop symbol, and blue and white instructional signs, such as the No Hard Hat No Work or Wear Hard Hats signs that offer clear directions for employees. Of course, using a combination of danger signs and instructional signs is the best way forward, as your message will be even more emphasised by using both. We also have a variety of floor signs, which have self-adhesive backs and non-slip surfaces and are another great addition to any construction site where hard hats or other head protection is necessary. 

Health and safety is one of the most important aspects of running of a workplace. It is your responsibility to ensure not only that a health and safety risk assessment has been carried out, but that you and your employees are adhering to all relevant rules and regulations.

One aspect of health and safety that must be adhered to in certain workplaces is the use of protective clothing, whether that be to maintain the safety of the employee, such as on work sites where helmets or goggles might be needed, or in hospitals where the spread of infectious diseases must be kept to a minimum.

Before you can be sure that your staff or any visitors you may have are wearing the required head protection, you must first make use of head protection signs, which will alert them to the need for such protection. Our warning and instructional signs, such as our Safety Helmets Must Be Worn In This Area sign, all conform to the Health and Safety Regulations of 1996 as well as all current UK and EU legislation. Our head protection signs also feature universal application, which means they can be affixed just about anywhere, making them extremely versatile and easy to use. Be sure to also check out our Wear Hairnets sign that is particularly useful in kitchens, whether at schools, hospitals, restaurants or hotels.