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Solid, well-made workbenches are necessary in any workplace where serious carpentry or metalwork is being carried out. Working at the right height improves performance and reduces the risk of back problems or muscle strains developing. It’s essential to have a steady bench and an even work surface in order to be able to concentrate fully on the task at hand and achieve optimum performance.

Workbenches can provide storage space for small items like nails and bolts right where they’re needed, reducing clutter on surfaces where it can interfere with work. They also provide useful attachment points for vices and small pieces of machinery. Whether designed for standing, sitting or a mixture of both, they make comfortable places to work. Though many organisations get by with tables or build their own workstations, nothing beats a properly made workbench if you really want to get things done.

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Our range of workbenches and modular accessories makes it easy for you to create the exact set-up you need – which, in many cases, will be different for different workers. It also means that you can take account of the wider work environment and structure a collection of workbenches and storage units so that they don’t get in the way of other activities. Depending on the type of work being done you may also want to arrange the workplace so that sparks generated by people working at the benches don’t get into other people’s space.

Buyers’ guide

Many workbenches come with shelving attached, which can be great if you want to keep a lot of tools on hand, but unless the bench is heavy you should avoid putting heavy items high up in case they’re shaken off the shelves by activities like sawing. Some benches like this have an extra heavy shelf just a couple of inches off the floor, which helps to keep them stable, and you can also buy shelves like this separately.

If several people are going to be using the same workbench, it’s a good idea to get one that’s an adjustable height, so that each user can be in the optimum position. This is also a good approach if you want to do some of the work standing but sit down to undertake more detail-focused tasks.

If you are engaged in metalwork and are likely to be generating a lot of sparks or working with material that may be hot, the best choice is a steel surfaced, heavy duty bench that won’t be easily damaged. Solidly built chipboard benches can be well suited to other activities but you should be aware that they might be scarred through routine use.

If your work is likely to generate a lot of sawdust or other fine particles, it’s well worth investing in a static-dissipative bench that will prevent it from clumping together and sticking to your tools. You can also get individual panels and shelving units designed to work in this way.


Can I get away with using an economy workbench?

Our economy workbenches are still good quality items and are perfectly capable of withstanding most day-to-day work. The general rule is that the more vigorous the work you intend to do, the heavier the workbench you will need.

Can storage under the bench get in the way?

Storage units underneath workbenches can be very useful. As long as they don’t go all the way along, so you still have room to clamp things onto the bench and to get your legs underneath it if necessary, they are unlikely to cause a problem, and they can actually make the bench more stable.