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When maintenance is required on machinery, employees need to follow lockout procedures. Lockout procedures can be simple or they can be very complex, requiring each member of a team to hold a key, as well as requiring a master key. All staff should be aware of when lockout procedures are required and what the procedures are. Lockout equipment is more than a simple padlock and requires special lockout equipment that should adhere to safety standards. Keeping lockout equipment in a central place near where it is required will ensure that staff can find it when necessary.

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Our Safety lockout hasp provides simple protection for machine repair professionals or engineers. The hasp will immobilise machinery until all employees have removed their individual locks. It can hold up to six padlocks and has a highly visible red design. When working on complex machinery, the challenge is to prevent the machinery from starting up before every worker has completed their task. If this should occur, it could result in serious injuries and this hasp is a simple yet effective way of preventing needless injuries. When working on the machine, each worker will add their padlock to the hasp, and once work is completed they can be removed. Only when all the padlocks have been removed will it be possible to restart the machinery. The hasp is made from tough, durable steel, which makes the hasp resistant to rust and chemicals, and very difficult to tamper with.