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Cleaning Products

In less secular times, it used to be said that cleanliness was next to Godliness. However, whether you follow a religion or have none, an authority has in modern times claimed much the same thing. The Health and Safety at Work Act is the authority we’re referring to, placing as it does a duty on employers to ensure they provide a well-managed and hygienic working environment for their employees.

Keeping the workplace clutter free is one thing, keeping it clean quite another. Greasy, wet or oily floors are dangerous slip hazards that could all too easily result in either criminal prosecution if an employee or visitor is injured, or a personal injuries compensation claim. Just about the last thing any employer needs.

It’s just as important to provide facilities to enable (and encourage) your workforce to keep themselves clean and hygienic.

Here are some solutions from the SafetyShop.com.

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cleaning products

Whether you need to caution passers-by about a temporary slip hazard; encourage staff to wash their hands in designated areas like washrooms, cordon off areas that have temporarily become hazardous to walk through, or remind people of basic niceties like leaving facilities clean for other people to use, or simply remind them to turn off the taps after washing their hands, SafetyShop.com has a bespoke solution (and many more besides).

Cleaning Supplies: Buying Guide 

A working life is a busy life and people are fallible when they’re busy. They can forget basic things, like washing their hands after using the bathroom or before preparing food, or after handling potentially hazardous substances. SafetyShop.com has a versatile range of reminders for this simple but actually rather important issue. No one wants to eat a sandwich prepared or proffered by someone with soiled or microbe-contaminated hands.

Our versatile hygiene reminder signs prove very effective. Simple “Wash Your Hands Please” Signs can be positioned wherever you please, in or outdoors. Made of self-adhesive vinyl (rigid or floppy), they’re quick and easy to position and require no laborious fixings.

Related products include our multi-size 6-Pack “Wash Your Hands Please” Signs, our Deluxe Metal Look Safety Signs – “Wash Your Hands Please”, which provide a distinctively prestigious appearance, or our polite but firm “Now Wash Your Hands Please” Washroom Signs, to tactfully remind staff and visitors to use washing facilities in designated areas.

However, there’s more to ensuring a safe and clean workplace than hand washing. If a hazard arises indoors or outdoors, you’ll need a means of securely cordoning it off until it’s been made safe. Our 4-Gate Work Barriers are just what you need in circumstances like this. Their polypropylene constriction makes them both durable and lightweight and each 840mm-wide barrier can be linked to another to form an impromptu longer barrier.

Related hazard warning products include our Double-Sided Dual Message Floor Stands, which display one message on the outer faces and another on the inner faces (the messages can be exposed depending on how the sign is folded), or our double-sided Tall ‘Wet Floor’ Stands.


I need to show staff and visitors as clearly as possible where the male and female toilets are located in my building – do you have signs for this?

You name it; we have it. from;Toilets Left Arrow Washroom Signs to Toilets Right Arrow Washroom Signs, Frosted Acrylic Washrooms Signs (Male and Female Toilets) to Disabled Accessible Toilet Frosted Acrylic Signs, we’ve got this signage comprehensively covered.

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