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Floor Level Braille Signs

It is important that businesses today comply with the disability discrimination act. This states that workplaces must make reasonable adjustments to ensure that any employees with a disability can carry out their work in safety and comfort.

Moving around a building can be particularly hard for visually impaired employees and visitors, without the visual aids that their sighted colleagues take for granted. Ensure that the visually impaired feel supported at your workplace by placing Safetyshop’s floor level Braille safety signs near lifts and staircases. 

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The range of floor level Braille signs is self-adhesive, making them easy to apply wherever required. The signs give the floor level information in grade 1 Braille and in a raised, tactile number. With the information clearly displayed, these signs will inform sighted as well as visually impaired employees, while the strong, contrasting colours make them easy to read by partially sighted people.

Make your workplace welcoming and accessible to visually impaired employees, and they will increase productivity. Ensure that you extend this ease of information to the rest of your premises by using our complete range of tactile and Braille safety signs, to ensure that the visually impaired can navigate your premises safely and comfortably. With the help of Safetyshop, you can feel confident that you are taking the necessary steps to provide a safe working environment for all of your employees