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Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs have a useful place in any workplace and are an important part of living up to your health and safety obligations. Our range of signs covers everything you are likely to need. They convey their messages clearly with text and images that are easy to identify, but you can also choose a subtler version if you prefer, such as frosted glass effect signs for doors and windows. All these signs are made from durable materials and are easy to clean. Buy them singly or in packs to make sure your whole workplace is covered.

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prohibition signs

We know that every workplace has slightly different requirements, so we have many different variations on standard prohibition signs to help you find exactly what you need. We know, for instance, that you may want to exclude dogs from your premises, but make it clear that guide dogs are welcome, and that you may have different policies on e-cigs and cigarettes. We also know that you may need signs that are slightly different shapes or sizes to fit into the spaces you have found for them. Signs are designed to be easily mounted on a range of different surfaces.

Buyers Guide

The most important thing about prohibition signs is that they are noticed, so you should always choose the biggest sizes you can and make sure they are displayed prominently. Avoid placing them where they could be covered by other objects or hidden when a door is left open. Make sure they have sufficient illumination. Some of these signs are available in a DayGlo variant for enhanced visibility.

Some signs may look as if they’re pointing out the obvious, but workers don’t always do things sensibly without clear instructions. A sign asking workers not to climb on shelves or not to clean machinery while it’s running could save them from serious injury. It could also protect you from a lawsuit, because it makes it clear that you have not been negligent.

You’ll note that you can often save money when buying several signs at once. This is a good idea if you’re placing them in areas where they might be damaged, and it can also help you to make sure that workers will see warnings, no matter which route they take to approach a dangerous area. It’s a good idea to post multiple signs in large open areas such as yards or warehouses, so that workers always have them in view.