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Aluminium, Plastic and Vinyl Smoking Area Signs

Clearly indicate designated smoking areas to prevent nuisance smoking


From: £3.49 ex. VAT
From: £2.83 ex. VAT ( £3.39 inc. VAT)
  • Features universally recognised 'smoking permitted' symbol
  • Conforms to BS 5499
  • Helps to direct workers and visitors to smoking areas to prevent nuisance smoking and littering

These simple but effective smoking area signs are a great solution for directing workers, visitors and members of the public towards your designated smoking area. If you would prefer to keep smoking restricted to key outdoor areas of your premises, smoking area signs, cigarette bins and shelters can help to encourage smokers to use these areas only and avoid littering ash, cigarette buts and other paraphernalia in undesired areas.

There are three sign varieties to choose from when purchasing your smoking area signs. The first is bolted aluminium, which is an incredibly durable and professional-looking option. Aluminium is non-rusting, which is ideal for outdoor environments, and the bolt fixings ensure the sign can be securely installed on rough textured walls. The next option is self-adhesive rigid plastic, which is a more affordable option yet still very durable. The self-adhesive backing also makes installation very easy, but means that the sign can only be installed on smooth surfaces. Finally, the self-adhesive vinyl variety is ideal for surfaces which aren't completely flat, meaning that you could install the sign on curved smoking shelters or cigarette bins. Although very durable, vinyl can be susceptible to damage if people try to tamper with the sign or peel it away, but if you need an affordable solution for use on glass or other smooth surfaces, vinyl is still an excellent option.

Don't forget that along with your smoking area sign you may also need to install several no smoking signs to remind individuals of your policies on smoking. In the UK smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public areas, and business owners are responsible for installing appropriate signage to remind their staff and members of the public about the law. For businesses such as bars, restaurants and cafes, having designated and signposted smoking shelters can help them to maximise their appeal for customers who smoke, whilst falling in line with the law in regards to smoking in public places.

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